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Identity number


If a foreign national’s application for a:

  • Long-term visa,
  • Long-term residence permit,
  • Registration certificate,
  • Temporary residence permit for a family member of an EU citizen, or
  • a Permanent residence permit,

is approved, the MOI CR uses its official powers to allocate the foreign national an identity number, if they have not been allocated one.

The Department for Asylum and Migration Policy of the MOI CR provides the foreign national with the identity number. The foreign national does not apply for the identity number as it is allocated and is usually entered into the permit card when issuing a residence permit.

If the identity number is not available when issuing the residence permit, the MOI CR subsequently enters it into the foreign national’s residence permit once it has been ascertained, or, if needs be, it sends a separate document on the allocation of an identity number by personal delivery and the identity number is entered into the residence permit during the foreign national’s next visit to the MOI CR offices.

If the holder of an identity number has no document on allocating an identity number (e.g. the document on the identity number has been lost), he/she can apply for verification of the identity number. He/she fills in an application form for verification of the identity number and pays an administrative fee of CZK 100 in the form of a stamp (kolek), which can be purchased at any post office.


Department for Asylum and Migration Policy, August 2nd, 2021

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