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Medical Humanitarian Programme MEDEVAC

MEDEVAC is a permanent government programme of the Czech Republic, which focuses on providing medical care and assistance for vulnerable groups of persons in the countries affected by migration or burdened by a large number of refugees. The care provided is free of charge and exclusively for civilians - persons, who are in dire of such medical care or whose condition prevents them from leading a dignified life. 



Medical Humanitarian Programme MEDEVAC

MEDEVAC Czech is implemented through:

  1. Evacuating of patients for medical treatment to the Czech Republic  (since 1993)

  2. Deploying of Czech medical teams abroad (since 2013)

  3. Expert trainings for foreign medical staff  (since 2015)

  4. Supporting medical projects aimed at rebuilding health infrastructure (since 2016)


The programme is operating since 1993 and is coordinated by the Czech Ministry of the Interior, in close cooperation with other relevant ministries, namely the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defence and the Czech army. As of 2016, the Ministry of Trade and Industry also partakes in the programme.

The participating hospitals are: Bulovka University Hospital, Brno University Hospital, General University Hospital in Prague, Hradec Králové University Hospital, Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Military University Hospital, Motol University Hospital, Olomouc University Hospital and University Hospital Vinohrady.


MEDEVAC Czech in numbers

  • 3774 patients operated
  • 400 persons trained - doctors and medical staff
  • 287 medical humanitarian evacuation
  • 105 medical teams deployed abroad
  • 24 countries
  • 19 medical projects supported
  • 9 participating Czech hospitals

Annual reports:

  • 2022 (pdf, 15,1 MB)
  • 2021 (pdf, 8,3 MB)
  • 2020 (pdf, 62,3 MB)
  • 2019 (pdf, 13,9 MB)
  • 2018 (pdf, 5,9 MB)

Contact details:


FB: medevac.czech

IG: medevac_czech


Department of Asylum and Migration Policy, January 5th, 2024

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