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Coronavirus disease COVID-19: Working with Persons with Disabilities and Special Communication Needs



PDF file, 3 MB

Working with Victims with Special Communication Needs

Recommendations for Responders

This document was created in collaboration with the European EUNAD project and the Police Presidium of the Czech Republic. It is intended to improve work by the police (or first responders in general) when dealing with people with disabilities. There is a diverse group of people who comprehend and process information differently to the majority of the population. These people have different requirements, various responses, different memory capacities and even various levels of mental functions. They are people with various levels of visual or hearing impairment, people with psychiatric problems, mentally retarded individuals, people with dementia, people with disorders of the autistic spectrum, or people from different cultures and may be considered especially vulnerable victims. These people warrant a specific approach in relation to communication and interaction.This document contains basic recommendations (on what to do or avoid doing) when working with people with specific needs.

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