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Travel document


  • A travel document is understood to be:
    • an authentic instrument that is recognised as a travel document by the Czech Republic,
    • an identity card of an EU citizen,
    • a foreign passport with territorial validity for all states,
    • a proof of identity for travelling, or
    • a travel document issued by the Czech Republic on the basis of an international agreement,
    • a replacement travel document for the European Union,
    • a list of pupils on a school trip within the European Union if it contains
      • 1. photographs of the pupils that are not able to identify themselves with an identity card with a photograph,
      • 2. a certificate from an EU member State giving the pupil’s place of residence, that the pupil is entitled to return to this Member State, under the assumption that the EU Member State in which the pupil has the place of residence has informed the Czech Republic that the list of pupils should be recognised as a travel document.
  • An authentic instrument issued by a foreign state for the purpose of travelling abroad can also be recognised as a travel document, if, from the aspect of its appearance and the language in which the data is given, it corresponds to international customs, its territorial validity includes the Czech republic and it can be used to ascertain
    • data on the foreign national’s nationality,
    • data on his/her identity,
    • a photograph of the holder,
    • data on its expiry date. 
  • For an applicant under 15 who does not have his/her own travel document, it is sufficient to submit a travel document of another foreign national (e.g. a parent) in which he/she is entered.
  • A travel document for the purposes of conferring a long-term visa shall not be older than 10 years, it must contain at least 2 free pages and its validity must be at least 3 months longer than the validity of the long-term visa.
  • A travel document is considered invalid if:
    • it has expired,
    • it has been damaged such that the entries in it are illegible,
    • its integrity is disrupted,
    • it contains false data or unauthorised changes have been made (false data is data on the foreign national’s name(s) and surname, if they have been changed, e.g. in connection to a marriage),
    • the photograph on the document does not correspond to the holder’s actual appearance, or
    • the holder of this document died or has been declared dead.


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