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More than 10 billions CZK for efficient public administration from European programs

Funds to support the modernization of public administration in the Czech Republichave been approved. The Ministry of the Interior helps to allocate European money from Integrated Operational Program (IOP) and Operational Program Human Resources and Employment (OP LZZ). 

 Since 2007 altogether 10,6 billions CZK divided between  5 400 projects has been utilized for modernization of  public service in both operational programs.
Results of continuous evaluation showed that the most successful pretenders come from South Moravia Region. Altogether 627 projects worth over 200 millions CZK were approved here. Currently the lowest number of projects is in Karlovy Vary Region with only 55 millions CZK. The most projects have been adopted in Central Bohemia Region – 19 successful projects in the framework OP LZZ and 888 projects in IOP.
Comparing the city municipalities in regions Ostrava is ranked as the first one. In the last three years 6 successful projects worth 33 millions CZK in both operating programs were proposed. Projects in Ostrava are focused on changes in the Municipality Police and Municipality Administration. To cities in South Moravia District was allocated 140 millions CZK for 110 projects.
In the areas IOP and OP LZZ, which are controlled by the Ministry of the Interior, are generally realized in these areas:
  • System of Czech POINTs
  • Educational centres for civil servants
  • Tools  for improving quality of work of civil servants
  • Central registers of citizens
  • Portable offices for Police Czech republic
  • Digitalization of collections of National library
  • Electronic system for tenders
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