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Changes in conditions for the entry and stay on the territory of the Czech Republic from 2011

THIS INFORMATION MAY NOT BE UP TO DATE ANY LOGNER!On this website, you are provided with all information related to changes which became effective from 2011. The changes are stemming from an amendment to the Act on Residence of Foreign Nationals' in the Territory of the Czech Republic which entered into force on January 1, 2011. 

CONTACTS - Offices of  Foreign Police and Ministry of the Interior – detailed overview according to regions (updated on 4th May 2011)

You may also contact hotline (tel.: +420 974 832 421, Mo-Fr: 8.00-16.00) or send your question at

The Foreign Police holds responsible for dealing with:

  • your reporting of your place of residence in the Czech Republic within the given statutory time period
  • the verification of an invitation
  • the issuing of short-term residence certificates or certificates certifying a legitimate right of residence in the Czech Republic (e.g. for marriage)
  • extensions to stays in the Czech Republic should you hold a short-term visa
  • checks on the legitimacy od stays in the Czech Republic

For business hours and contacts of the offices of the Foreign Police (Section for Residency issues) go to web pages of the Police of the Czech Republic.


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