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The Czech Republic granted international protection to Cuban dissident

Cuban political prisoner Ronaldo Jiménez Pozada and four members of his family have arrived to Prague on 26th October. Minister of the Interior Radek John, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and employees of the People in Need organisation welcomed mister Pozada and his family at the Prague airport.  

Whole family arrived shortly after release of mister Pozada who has been jailed  for last seven years.  The Czech Republic is the second member state of the European Union after Spain  which provides international protection for Cuban prisoners of conscience.  Granting the asylum for Mister Pozada and members of his family is a part of the Czech Republic´s  enforcement of human rights in Cuba. 
Mister Pozada and his family obtain a full support from the Ministry of Interior, including psychological, material and medical care and translatator, so they can easily adapt to a new environment.

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