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New anti-corruption strategy introduced

Fight against corruption is the top priority of the Ministry of the Interior and the coalition government. The strategy engages all citizens and public organizations in common effort to abolish a corruption in the Czech Republic. 

The minister of the interior Mr. Radek John introduced framework of new anti-corruption strategy. Mr. John emphasized during the press conference: “Negative impact of a corruption includes huge waste of national budget and decrease of public trust in governmental and municipal authorities. We have to fight corruption and its devastating consequences on moral and economic environment in the Czech Republic.”
One of the first steps is establishment of the Anti-corruption Council. Members of council are experts from various fields – governmental offices, non-governmental organizations and representatives of professional organizations. The council’s tasks consist of preparation of legislative and non-legislative measures to enforce anti-corruption efforts.
The anti-corruption guide for citizens has also been introduced. The main aim of this guide is to encourage citizens to report corruption to the Police or to state prosecutors and to facilitate the procedures by answering frequently asked questions how to tackle corruption. The guide is available on webpage of the Ministry of the interior (in Czech only).
Oncoming actions and measurements of anti-corruption strategy consist of tighter legislative specifications in number of laws leading to prevent corruption behavior. Mr. John expressed his deep belief and support to the Police as the main instrument in investigation of corruption.

October 8, 2010

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