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Czech court dissolves the Workers´ Party

The Czech Supreme Administrative Court dissolved on 17th February 2010 the Workers´ Party. The Worker´s party programme contains xenophobia, chauvinism, homophobia and a racist subtext. It spreads fears of foreigners and creates feelings of danger, the court said.  

The decision of the Supreme Administrative Court is very important message for the whole Czech society. It is the message saying that Czech Republic does not tolerate extremism,” says Martin Pecina, Minister of the Interior of the Czech Republic.
This was the government´s second proposal for the Supreme administrative Court to dissolve the Worker´s Party. This time, Ministry of the Interior came up with a better-founded material. The whole preparation of this material was consulted with administrative law experts, politics and extremism experts. This material was also coupled with a video from street brawls in Litvinov-Janov, north Bohemia, a housing estate with prevailing Romany population.
The government says the Worker´s Party poses a threat to democracy, cooperates with neo-Nazis and strives for totalitarianism.

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