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Data Box - Another Step in Electronification of Public Administration

A new electronic documents delivery system has been launched by the Ministry of the Interior and the Czech Post. On November 1st, 2009 a new era of communication within public administration as well as between public administration, business enterprises and citizens has started. 

Based on Act No. 300/2008 Coll., from now on is for all public institutions (e.g. government offices, local governments, institutions established by local or state government etc.) obligatory to use data boxes (or so-called eBoxes) instead of traditional paper form.
The information system of data boxes is runned by the Czech Post. It facilitates communication of public authorities because it´s faster and cheaper, on the other side it provides the secure delivery of the messages. Authorities have to communicate with business enterprises only via data boxes as well as business enterprises and citizens can use their data boxes to apply for permissions, approvals or licences.
One of the main tasks in construction of information system of data boxes is to guarantee secure way for official announcements or applications. That´s why using a data box is not the same as using common email communication. Only an owner of a data box can access it.  
Goals of introducing electronic delivery via data boxes are:
  • reducing bureaucracy for citizens
  • usage of the electronic delivery instead of classical where possible
Document delivery - how does it work:
  • delivery of documents via data boxes is guaranteed
  • the owner of the data box will be notified when he recieves a new message, he can choose the preferred form of notification (SMS, email)
  • the message is considered as received and read 10 days after being sent
Use of data boxes:
  • G2G – for authorities compulsory
  • G2B – compulsory communication
  • B2G – optional communication
  • C2G, G2C – for citizens NOT compulsory, everyone can choose a way of communication he likes
  • C2B , B2C, C2C, B2B - optional, it´s not supposed to be used as classical email communication


26th April 2010

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