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Ivan Langer Meets his Serbian Counterpart Ivica Dačić

On 29th January, the Minister of the Interior Ivan Langer met the Serbian Minister of the Interior Ivica Dačić. In their discussion, they addressed such issues as visa liberalization, negotiation of an agreement on police cooperation or the priorities of the Ministry of the Interior during the Czech Presidency. 

Police Cooperation Agreement: Czech RepublicSerbia
In December 2008, the Serbian Ministry of the Interior prepared a Draft Agreement on Police Cooperation and Cooperation in Combating Crime between the Republic of Serbia and the Czech Republic. The conclusion of such an agreement is a priority also for the Police of the Czech Republic. Currently, the Czech counterproposal is being drawn up. This will generally be based on the approved model guideline for expert negotiations of agreements on police cooperation with countries which do not border the Czech Republic. Ivan Langer assured the Serbian Interior Minister of the Czech Republic‘s interest to conclude the Police Cooperation Agreement in the shortest time possible.
Lifting the visa requirement
In the middle of 2008, the European Commission submitted proposals for roadmaps towards a visa free regime with Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania (visa liberalization). The roadmaps determine the security requirements which must be met in order to achieve visa liberalization. These Western Balkans countries have presented so-called progress reports to the European Commission, describing the implementation of the roadmaps from their point of view. According to the European Commission, Serbia has made a significant progress. In October 2008, it adopted the State Border Protection Act. It must still implement necessary measures in the field of data protection and human and technical resources. Therefore, Ivan Langer offered cooperation particularly in security matters in the form of the Police Cooperation Agreement.
This meeting contributed predominantly to the enhancement of the bilateral cooperation of both countries.
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