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Information for Drivers

The main changes in Highway Code. Keep Close on Your Behavior by Yourself! 

In order to increase road safety in the Czech Republic changes in the Highway Code have been in force since 1st July 2006.We would appreciate if you go through following list where the main changes are mentioned. They are for your own safety.

The main changes in the Highway Code are as follows:

  • introduction of a penalty point system
  • mandatory day time running lights during whole year
  • stricter penalties for traffic offences (up to 2000 EURO)
  • mandatory cycle helmets for cyclists up to 18 years
  • mandatory child restraint devices for children up to 36 kg and up to 150 cm on all types of roads
  • possibility of the Czech Police Force to confiscation the driving licence on the spot in case of serious traffic offence
  • The Czech Police Force has in case of serious offences the right to clamp the wheel to prevent continuing driving,
  • when leaving a roundabout a driver should use a signalisation to show a change of direction.

We wish you a pleasant and safe stay in the Czech Republic.

More information at the web page of the Ministry of Transport.

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