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Dublin system

Description of EU system of application for international protection 


The objective of Dublin system is to eliminate a phenomenon known as “asylum shopping”, i.e., to prevent situations wherein an alien applies for asylum in several Member States, either in the same time or successively, and these states then carry out asylum proceedings, either simultaneously or successively, in order to make a decision on the application for asylum. The purpose of the system is therefore to determine following the submission of the asylum application only one Member State, which will examine the application for asylum submitted and will adopt a decision on this matter. By determining only one Member State responsible for examining an application for asylum, occurrence of the “refugee in orbit” phenomenon will be limited in the same time. This term pertains to situations when, due to the application of the safe third country institute, no state acknowledges its responsibility with regard to examining an application for asylum that has been lodged in merits. From the perspective of asylum seekers, Dublin system generally means that an alien has in general the right to have his/her application for asylum examined in merits only by one Member State (“One Chance Only” principle).

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