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Poland will introduce a border checking for the football championship

Poland will introduce temporary checks at its land and air borders, in connection with the European Football Championship. 

Austria temporarily reintroduced border checks at the Austrian-Czech border

From 4 till 9 June 2011, Austria reintroduced border checks at its borders, including borders with the Czech Republic. The reason was the meeting of the World Economic Forum on Europe and Central Asia... 

Inclusion of Biometric Data into Foreign National Residence Cards

The Ministry of the Interior informs that from 1st May 2011 inclusion of biometric data in residence cards for foreign nationals of third countries should have been introduced.  

Pavel  Novák  - 5.5.2011

Government approval of new anti-corruption strategy

New anti-corruption measures proposed by the Ministry of the Interior have been recently approved by the coalition government. Governmental Strategy of fight against corruption for period 2011 – 2012 ... 

Ministry of Interior founded anti-corruption help line for foreigners

The help line has been launched on 6th December and is available on the telephone number 974 847 704. The price is the same as for fixed line. Help line is in service for notification of all forms of ... 

More than 10 billions CZK for efficient public administration from European programs

Funds to support the modernization of public administration in the Czech Republichave been approved. The Ministry of the Interior helps to allocate European money from Integrated Operational Program (... 

The Czech Republic granted international protection to Cuban dissident

Cuban political prisoner Ronaldo Jiménez Pozada and four members of his family have arrived to Prague on 26th October. Minister of the Interior Radek John, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign A... 

New anti-corruption strategy introduced

Fight against corruption is the top priority of the Ministry of the Interior and the coalition government. The strategy engages all citizens and public organizations in common effort to abolish a corr... 

Election to Municipal Councils - Information for Voters

Nationals of Other States on the Manner of Voting in the Election to Municipal Councils to be held on 15 and 16 October 2010 

Annual Report: International Protection in the Czech Republic in 2009

Main trends, number of seekers, proceedings and European cooperation 


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