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Archive Magazine

Reference number MK ČR E 2629, ISSN 0004-0398

This specialized central archives revue deals with archival theory and practice, current archival science issues, fundamental organisational and methodical guidelines, digital technology used in archival science, physical protection of archival documents, preservation and restoration, construction of archive buildings, etc. It publishes papers from related special scientific and practical fields (auxiliary historical sciences, administrative history, classic and electronic records management). The magazine includes a social column, news and write-ups on new literature.

The magazine is intended primarily for archiving and history experts but also for state administration officers, records management employees, etc.

Since 1951 Archive Magazine has put out four issues per year with a total of approximately 448 pages. It was endorsed by the Research and Development Council on 8.2.2008. Archive Magazine is recorded on the list of reviewed non-impacted periodicals published in the Czech Republic.

The papers are usually around 20 standard pages in length, but it is possible to agree a different length with the editors. Papers are assessed anonymously by two experts, independent critics. In the event of a difference of opinion, the text is provided to a third expert. For details about the formal particulars for typescripts, see Instructions for Authors; these are also regularly published on page 3 of the magazine cover.

The Department of Administration of Archives and Records Management of the Interior of the Czech Republic has published Archive Magazine since that department came into being in 1953. The Archiving Administration is the professional managing authority of Czech archival science and the administrator of Act No. 499/2004, Coll., on Archives and Records Management and on the Amendment of Selected Acts. It is also the methodology centre and the co-ordinator for archival methodology in relation to all types of archives (state archives, municipal archives, accredited specialised archives, accredited private archives, accredited security archives, administrative archives). It publishes archive publications of national importance.


The Department of Administration of Archives and Records Management of the Interior of the Czech Republic
9 January 2019


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