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Government approval of new anti-corruption strategy

New anti-corruption measures proposed by the Ministry of the Interior have been recently approved by the coalition government. Governmental Strategy of fight against corruption for period 2011 – 2012 is among top priority documents reflecting the coalition emphasis on anti-corruption activities. Current strategy relies on three pillars: prevention of corruption, strict actions against corruption cases and transparency of public contracts and policies. 

All parts of strategy include legislative and non-legislative measures. The implementation covers new amendments to the various acts and preparation of new legislative acts and directives mainly focused on processes in public administration. The non-legislative measures incorporate for example an education of governmental staff and police officers, further digitalization of public administration agendas and support and mutual cooperation with non-governmental organizations concerned of corruption. Other measures of the strategy tackle with independent audit and control institutions.
The strategy also aims on extension of corruption investigation methods as well as on analysis of currently used methods. Therefore public attorneys and police officers obtain active support for pursuing every case of corruption.
The Ministry of the Interior itself introduced new procedures for public contracts which came to effect at the beginning of February. Including a centralized online interface for public contracts, transparent criteria of selection methods and a random choice of council members: new transparent procedures are supposed to be examples of good practice for other public administration offices.

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