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Organisational Structure of the Ministry of the Interior 

Units Directly Subordinated to the Minister of the Interior

  • Cabinet of the Minister of the Interior
  • Office of the Minister of the Interior
  • Internal Audit and Inspection Department
  • Security Department
  • Press and PR Department

Section for Civil Service

  • Office of the Deputy Minister of the Interior for Civil Service
  • Department of Systemization, Organisation and Coordination of the Civil Service
  • Department of Education and International Cooperation in the Civil Service

Section of the State Secretary

  • Office of the State Secretary
  • Human Resources Department
  • Office of the Ministry of the Interior Ombudsman
  • Administration Department  

Section of the Internal Security

  • Office of the 1st Deputy Minister of the Interior for Internal Security
  • Security Policy a Crime Prevention Department
  • Department for Asylum and Migration Policy
  • Department of International Cooperation and European Union 

Section of Legislative and Archiving

  • Office of the Deputy Minister of the Interior for Legislative and Archiving
  • Legislative and Legal Regulation Coordination Department
  • Archiving Administration and Filing Service Department

Section of Public Administration

  • Office of the Deputy Minister of the Interior for Public Administration
  • Department of Public Administration, Supervision and Control
  • General Administration Department
  • Administration Activities Department
  • Department of Strategic Development and Coordination of Public Administration

Section of Financial Affairs, Strategies and EU Funds

  • Office of the Deputy Minister of the Interior for Financial Affairs, Strategies and EU Funds 
  • Finance Department
  • Accounting and Statistical Department
  • Programme Financing Department
  • Assets Management Department
  • Public Contracts and Central Purchasing Department
  • Structural Funds Department
  • Department for Home Affairs EU Funds
  • Independent Unit for Founder Functions
  • Independent Unit for Strategies and Conceptions

Section of Information and Communication Technologies

  • Office of the Deputy Minister of the Interior for Information and Communication Technologies 
  • eGovernment Department
  • Department of the eGovernment Chief Architect
  • ICT Operations Department
  • Central Information Systems Department
  • EKIS Operations and Development Department
  • Department of Cybersecurity and ICT Coordination 
  • Department for ICT Conceptions, Architecture and Projects

Section of Social and Health Security, Security Research and Program Management

  • Office of the Deputy Minister of the Interior for Social and Health Security, Security Research and Program Management
  • Social Security Department
  • Health Facilities Department
  • Legal Department
  • Security Research and Police Education Department
  • Program Management Department


General Directorate of the Fire and Rescue Service of the Czech Republic

Police President

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