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"Child in danger" project has already helped to find 69 missing children

A total of 69 children have already been traced by the police in cooperation with the public through media partners in the project of the Ministry of the Interior - National Coordination Mechanism to Search for Missing Children (NKMPPD). 

In the project, which was launched in 2010, ten media organizations and one private entity have been collaborating. The results of this cooperation were announced by the representatives of the Ministry of the Interior at the press conference held on Thursday 7 June 2012. "I would like to thank to all our partners, through whom the public helps in search for missing children," said Jaroslav Hruška, the First Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.
He also presented the updated website, where citizens can find out other information about the current investigation. "This coordination mechanism is not intended for voluntary running away from home or from institutional care.The police always carefully examine the circumstances of each case and into the system include especially the children who are life-threatened for various reasons." explained Jitka Gjuričová, the Director of Crime Prevention Department.
This program would include the SMS messages that could be distributed locally at the point where the child was lost, in the future. "Negotiations with one of the mobile operators for information SMS sending is in the process of finalizing the technical solution and the start of trial operation," Jitka Gjuričová said.
NKMPPD was developed for quick and successful finding of missing children, which includes the involvement of the general public to search and providing the necessary psychological support to families of missing children. The core of the system is the police investigation and extensive field search operations also involve the Integrated Rescue System.
Pavel Novák
Director of Press and Public Relations Department

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