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Poland will introduce a border checking for the football championship

Poland will introduce temporary checks at its land and air borders, in connection with the European Football Championship. 

Polish interior minister Jacek Cichocki confirmed this information during the meeting of ministers of the Salzburg Forum at Štiřín. Control and security measures will be applied to people travelling to Poland between 4th June and 1 July 2012.
Poland informed the Schengen Member States and EU institutions about arrangements on the borders for the EURO 2012 in early May by letter.
The aim is to minimize the security risks associated with the organization of this sporting event. Polish authorities do not plan to introduce a systematic checking of all passengers. They will not even realize it during the sporting events.
In order to maintain the maximum freedom of movement only random checks to the extent that would not disrupt travelling fans for football games will be carried out. Checks will be operational at selected locations depending on the game or on the basis of specific information about the movement of fans, who could pose a risk.
Citizens of the Czech Republic may continue to enter the territory of Poland freely, as well across the so-called green border, outside the designated border crossings. However, until midnight 1 July is to be reckoned with the possibility of checking. EU citizens travelling to identity cards will not be affected by those proceedings. 
Poland uses the right to temporarily introduce border checks in accordance with the Schengen Borders Code.

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