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Foreign Police and offices for residency

Overview of the Ministry of the Interior (Department for Asylum and Migration Policy) offices on the territory of the Czech Republic.

Contact the Ministry of the Interior offices when you wish to:

  • apply for an extension to a long-stay visa (applications for such visas should be made to the relevant Czech embassies)
  • apply for a long-term residence permit or its extension
  • apply for permanent residence
  • apply for a certificate of temporary residence (EU citizens)
  • apply for a residency card for a member of your family (EU citizens) and its extension
  • report a change in your place of residence in the Czech Republic should you intend to reside there for longer than 30 days
  • apply for a certificate of residency (should you hold a long-stay visa, a long-term or permanent residence permit, or should you be an EU citizen or a member of their family, and should you reside only temporarily in the Czech Republic)

List of regional offices of the Ministry of the Interior

Or you can find comparison of old and new offices here.

Infoline: +420 974 832 421, +420 974 832 418

Foreign Police - rest of the agendas

Webpage of Alien Police in Czech language


Department for Asylum and Migration Policy, April 3rd, 2019

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