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Travelling on holiday under different conditions since 27 June 2012

On Wednesday 27 June 2012 ended the possibility of travelling abroad for children enrolled in passports of their parents. Please beware even while travelling to Croatia. 

New rules for travelling with children after 26 June 2012
On Wednesday, 27 June 2012 new conditions for international travel, based on EU regulation on the movement of persons, valid for all EU member states came into force. The possibility of travelling abroad for children enrolled in passports of their parents ended.
In the following summer season each person will be obliged to provide his or her own valid travel document (passport or identity card) when travelling abroad. This also applies when travelling inside the EU and Schengen.
Generally, the following rules shall be applied:
  • When travelling to other Schengen countries or the EU, you need a valid identity card. This also applies to your children.
  • When travelling to a country outside the EU you will need a valid passport for you and your children.
A special case: travelling to Croatia on the identity card
Under Czech law an identity card is not considered a travel document to travel outside the EU. Some countries, namely Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia, allow the citizens of the Czech Republic entry and residence on their territory with a valid ID card.
Generally, travelling to these countries overland through the Schengen external border only with an ID card (such as by car or bus) is possible, but at your own risk. Travelling through the Schengen external border at the Czech international airports is possible only with a valid passport.
The regulations mentioned above apply only to citizens of the Czech Republic and other EU countries. Citizens of third countries may continue to travel with children registered in their passports.
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