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European Commission commends the development of Czech eGovernment

Status of the Czech eGovernment few days before starting the key project of Basic Registers is essential for the European Commission and especially for its Vice-President Neelie Kroes, responsible among other things, for the Digital Agenda. 

Today a member of her cabinet Carl-Christian Buhr met the Deputy of the Interior minister Radek Šmerda and representatives of the eGovernment section and management of Basic Registers. Mr. Buhr highlighted the level of Czech projects in the development of eGovernment: 
“Based on the presentations and demonstrations I have seen today, the Czech e-government projects, especially Czech POINT, Data Boxes and the Basic Registers architecture are clearly very ambitious and modern compared to the situation in many other European countries“.
Vice-President of the European Commission Neelie Kroes and her team works on principles of developing eGovernment throughout the European Union under the Action Plan for 2011 – 2015.
“The Czech approach to eGovernment implementation demonstrated to me today, among others by the Czech Republic's newly appointed Digital Champion, Mr Felix, is aiming high but in a pragmatic way, showing a realistic path from today's situation to a much more efficient digital future,“ Mr. Buhr said.
Especially Czech POINT, Data Boxes and Basic Registers have been considered very advanced and ambitious projects that go further than similar projects in many other European countries.
“A very important thing for me to see was the level of usage the Czech systems already have, e.g. the more than 6000 Czech POINT terminals and the millions of electronic and secure messages sent through the Data Boxes system. Therefore I can only applaud the broad scope of the projects pursued by the Czech Ministry of th Interior and the other participating authorities," he added.

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