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Migration Policy of the Czech Republic, Legal and Illegal Migration in the Czech Republic and in the European Union, Visa and Readmission Policy, Analytical Centre for Protection of State Borders and ... 

Procedure for Granting International Protection in the Czech Republic

Basic legal framework, characteristics of the Asylum Act,  


Asylum and refugee issues, Asylum Policy in the European Union, Information on Countries of Origin, Resettlement 

Integration of Foreign Nationals in the Territory of the Czech Republic

Policy for the Integration of Foreign Nationals in the Territory of the Czech Republic 

Integration of Compatriots Resettled to the Czech Republic

Resettlement of ethnic Czechs who permanently live outside the territory of the Czech Republic 

Integration of Recognized Refugees

Integration programme, regulations, statistic, cooperation with NGOs 

International Cooperation

Cooperation in the area of asylum, migration, integration and protection of state borders 

Medical Humanitarian Programme MEDEVAC

MEDEVAC is a permanent government programme of the Czech Republic, which focuses on providing medical care and assistance for vulnerable groups of persons in the countries affected by migration or bur... 

Legal framework

Asylum Act and Act on the Residence of Foreign Nationals 

Statistical Reports On International Protection Seekers and Refugees

Number of International Protection Seekers by Years and Months, Dublin cases etc. 


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