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Integration of Compatriots Resettled to the Czech Republic

Resettlement of ethnic Czechs who permanently live outside the territory of the Czech Republic 

General Information

Compatriots are ethnic Czechs who permanently live outside the territory of the Czech Republic. The most accurate definition of this group of aliens is contained in Governmental Resolution No. 72/1996, which states in its title that they are aliens with proven Czech origin, living abroad.
Under the programme, a total of 157 people representing 48 families filed applications for resettlement to the Czech Republic. These families can be included in 19 greater families consisting of separate families of parents, their children, siblings, etc., according to a kinship key.
The basic prerequisite for resettlement of the family was to prove the Czech origin of at least one of the spouses. With regard to the fact that one of the reasons for implementation of this programme was the effort to mitigate the consequences of division of families, which occurred after the end of the first wave of resettlement, the kinship ties to the compatriots resettled to the Czech Republic in the 1990s in the previous wave of resettlement from Kazakhstan were also taken into account.
In the past, there were three operations in total, during which the state helped to resettle a number of compatriots.

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