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For Schengen without Border Checks

On 21st December 2007 border retainers were cut with great ceremony, and the biggest-ever enlargement of the Schengen area - encompassing the Czech Republic and eight more Central and Eastern European... 

Czech Activities

The Ministry of the Interior endeavours to create a friendly climate for travelling across Europe whilst ensuring a high degree of security 

European Union’s Fundamental Rules of Free Movement of Persons

All EU Member States are obliged to ensure that rules laid down in Directive 2004/38/EC on the right of citizens of the Union and their family members to move and reside freely within the territory of... 

Comparison of National Security Rules for Transport

Parities and distinctions, specialties of particular countries 

Powers of Police and Customs Officers

Did you know that German police and customs officers can check you whilst not wearing a uniform? This is perhaps the most staggering but not the only difference in rules covering activities of German ... 

How to Proceed During Checks

What to avoid, and what to abide 

What Are Your Rights When You Are Checked?

The obligation to submit to checks by relevant authorities is generally applicable in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. But do you khow that you have some rights too? 

Experience of Czech Citizens

Since January 2008 the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic has gathered information sent by Czech citizens describing their experience with checks carried out in both German and (less) Aust... 


How can I determine I have been stopped by genuine police officers? Can I refuse to give a sample of urine? etc. 


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