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Medical Humanitarian Programme MEDEVAC

Medical treatment programme for children in serious health conditions from countries affected by war. 

Medical Humanitarian Programme MEDEVAC

The MEDEVAC Programme is a government-run medical humanitarian programme of the Czech Republic that is focused on the provision of medical care to vulnerable groups of inhabitants in the regions stricken by humanitarian crises or natural disasters or in areas with complicated or no access to specialised healthcare services. Treatment is provided free of charge and exclusively to civilians (predominantly to women, children and older people) in a serious health condition or in a health condition that does not allow them to lead a dignified life. The MEDEVAC Programme focuses on patients whose disease does not require intensive treatment lasting for several years and for whom treatment in the Czech Republic or a surgery abroad means a material change in their health condition (it saves their life or significantly enhances quality of life).

The MEDEVAC Programme is implemented through the following activities:

  1. Humanitarian evacuations of persons with health issues to the Czech Republic for treatment (since 1993)

  2. Deployment of Czech teams of doctors abroad (since 2013)

  3. Specialised internships of physicians from the areas hit by humanitarian crises in the Czech Republic (since 2015)

  4. Provision of financial donations abroad for the support and development of infrastructure in countries affected by war or natural disasters (since 2016)

The MEDEVAC Programme is coordinated by the Ministry of the Interior and is implemented in close interdepartmental cooperation with and among other ministries involved, specifically with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Defence and the Army of the Czech Republic. The Ministry of Industry and Trade joined the MEDEVAC Programme in 2016. 

Czech university hospitals that are under direct authority of the Ministry of Health are involved in the Programme's implementation abroad. They include Motol University Hospital (FN Motol), General University Hospital in Prague (VFN), Bulovka Hospital, Královské Vinohrady University Hospital, Olomouc University Hospital (FN Olomouc), Hradec Králové University Hospital (FN Hradec Králové) and University Hospital in Ostrava (FN Ostrava). Central Military Hospital in Prague-Střešovice that is under direct authority of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic joined the Programme in 2016.

Department of Asylum and Migration Policy, June 4th, 2019

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