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Czech POINT “All in one place”

Czech POINT is a network of assisted public administration centres where every citizen can obtain all the information on the data kept on him or her by the state in its central registers.  

Police reform

Minister of the Interior of the Czech Republic Ivan Langer is reforming the Czech Police. This reform means a breakthrough in the functioning of the Czech police. It gives police new powers and stre... 

Minister of the Interior Ivan Langer and U.S.ambassador Richard Graber signed a Memorandum

Today on 14th October 2008 the Ambassador of the United States of America Richard Graber and the Czech minister of the interior Ivan Langer signed a memorandum regulating better cooperation between la... 

1st Global Conference on Methamphetamine

The 1st Global Conference on Methamphetamine took place on September 15 – 16, 2008 in the New City Hall building, Prague, Czech Republic.  

14. 11. 2008 - “Cyber threats and challenges – CYBER” Conference

Conference CYBER was focused on the illegal and unwanted content within the cyberspace with special regard to combating terrorism or extremism propaganda on the Internet. 


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