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14. 11. 2008 - “Cyber threats and challenges – CYBER” Conference

Conference CYBER was focused on the illegal and unwanted content within the cyberspace with special regard to combating terrorism or extremism propaganda on the Internet. 

Conference CYBER took place on 14th November 2008 at the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.
Modern information and communication technologies are closely connected with one of the most crucial security challenges of today:
  • There is reported constant growth of the extent and importance of the elaborated, transmitted, shared a stored data.
  • Potential collapse of the computer industry would endanger the further development of the world economy at all.
  • Internet can be used not only as a working instrument, but becomes a part of the daily life of the modern human.
  • The governments in the modern world are interested in the creation of the equal conditions and opportunity for social inclusion of the all group of the inhabitants into the society. It is described as a concept of so called eInclusion (use of the modern technologies for realization of the equality of opportunities principle, as well as with regard to the integration of foreigners).
  • Modern technologies may cause the new opportunity for creation of the modern and efficient public administration (eGovernment).
The rise of use of the modern technologies in the day to day life goes hand in hand with the misuse of such instruments. Ability of the criminals to recognise new opportunities for illegal activities, as well as their ability to use the modern technologies in general, is on the increase. Seriousness of the respective accidents, number of affected victims and amount of the material loss is on the increase as well.
For this reason is important to prevent and detect the illegal and non-ethical activities within the cyberspace. With this regard is very important the awareness of the every single user of the modern technologies, of the every inhabitant.
Aside of the accidents of the acquisitive nature cannot be forgotten the cases of the misuse of the modern technologies, caused by the extremists and terrorist structures (propaganda, communication etc.), as well as the role, that the attacks against the cybernetic critical infrastructure can play during the international conflicts.
For that reason is logical, that this topic is one of the cross-cutting agendas of the coming Presidency of the Czech Republic in the European Union (during the course of the first half of 2009). And the CYBER conference has to be understood as a prelude for such Presidency.

Security Policy Department, 22.10.2008

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