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Czech POINT “All in one place”

Czech POINT is a network of assisted public administration centres where every citizen can obtain all the information on the data kept on him or her by the state in its central registers.  

This is where each citizen will be able to fill any application to public authorities. Czech POINT is an acronym meaning Czech Filling and Verification Information National Terminal.

From time to time, everyone is required to prove various facts with official statements from different registers, lists and databases kept by the state. At present, these can not be obtained from a single place. It started to be different with Czech POINT.

“Main objective of the project is the motto All in one place!. In the future, citizens will have access to Public Administration services not only at the Czech POINTs, but also via the Internet. Czech POINT is the most comfortable way of communicating with the authorities and institutions from a single place. The system is well-designed and I hope that it becomes quickly and spontaneously used by citizens and subsequently also requested,” said Minister of the Interior Ivan Langer.

What can citizens obtain?

  • verified copy of an entry in the Land Register
  • verified copy of an entry in the Commercial Register 
  • verified copy of an entry in the Register of Trades 
  • verified copy of the Criminal Records

Czech POINT in statistics

  • 2 772 – mayors and their offices involved 
  • 908 073 - printouts provided for citizens in last 20 months
  • 7 169 - a record number of printouts provided in one day (26/3/2007)

Jana Malíková
PR Department Director and Spokeswoman, Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic

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