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Approach of the Czech Republic to Legal Migration

In a modern society, it is necessary to approach migration as one of the tools for economic development of the country. Within the Czech Government’s Migration Policy Principles (the Resolution of the Government of the Czech Republic No. 55 of 13 January 2003), the thesis was adopted that the national migration policy does not place obstacles to legal migration and supports immigration, which is beneficial for the state and the society in the long run (principle No. 4).

In accordance with this policy, a pilot project entitled Selection of Qualified Foreign Workers (hereinafter referred to as the “Project”) was prepared. This Project is implemented in accordance with the Governmental Resolution No. 975 of 26 September 2001, No. 720 of 10 July 2002, No. 340 of 14 April 2004, No. 394 of 6 April 2005. No. 1377 of 26 October 2005, No. 431 of 19 April 2006 and No. 538 of 23 May 2007. The planned five-year pilot stage of the Project was launched in July 2003. The guarantor of the implementation of the Project is the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic.
The goal of the Project is to bring qualified foreign workers to the Czech Republic, who are able to contribute to development of the economy, and to integrate into the Czech society permanently together with their families. The Project is supposed to test and optimise the tools for active migration management and to find bottlenecks in the legislation in labour migration, and the Project was one of the first steps on the way to formulating the future active migration policy in this field.
The current information on the project entitled Selection of Qualified Foreign Workers is published at More detailed information can also be found at
The latest project of the Czech Republic designed to support legal migration is the Green Cards project that will be launched on 1 January 2009.

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