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A visa for a stay of over 90 days (long-term)


Validity of a visa and length of stay

Visa for stay over 90 days is granted for a specific period of stay corresponding to the requisite purpose of stay and the validity of the submitted documents, however no longer than for 1 year. A visa sticker always contains two figures: the validity of the visa and the number of days you can stay.

The validity of the visa (indicated as "valid from-to") means the period during which the visa holder is authorized to stay (standard validity is 1 year). In addition, the period of authorized stay (indicated as "length of stay ... ... days") means the number of days the visa holder may stay.

In most cases, the beginning of the validity of the visa falls on the day the visa is issued by the embassy.

The indicated "length of stay" begins on the day the person enters the territory of the Czech Republic. This principle applies regardless of whether the person arrives directly to the Czech Republic or first enters the territory of another Schengen state.

Visa validity period of stay shorter then one year, can be extended repeatedly, provided that the purpose of stay is still the same, a maximum period of 1 year.


Department for Asylum and Migration Policy, July 28th, 2023

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