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A visa for a stay of over 90 days (long-term)


Special work visa

A special work visa is a visa for a stay of over 90 days in the country (referred to as a "long-term visa"). It will only be possible to issue this visa, if there is a regulation of the Government of the Czech Republic, which activates the process resulting in issuing these visas. In its regulation, the government can specify:

  1. the sector or profession, for which the special work visa will be issued to foreign nationals;

  2. the citizenship of the foreign national who will be eligible to apply for this visa;

  3. the maximum number of applications, which can be filed over a certain period of time;

  4. the deadline by which it will be possible to file an application for this visa; and

  5. the condition that a job agency must not be the employer of the foreign national in the country.

An application for a special work visa must be submitted at an embassy of the Czech Republic abroad, provided that a government regulation was issued, which allows for submitting such an application. This application cannot be submitted in the territory of the Czech Republic. The application must be filed on an official form.

The following must be attached to an application for a special work visa:

  1. the original of a valid travel document;

  2. a document on availability of accommodation for the period of residence in the country;

  3. a photograph;

  4. upon request, a document equivalent to an extract from the Register of Criminal Records, issued by the country, of which the foreign national is a citizen, as well as by those countries, in which the foreign national has been staying during the last three years for an uninterrupted period longer than six months, or a statutory declaration if the given country does not issue such a document;

  5. a decision to permit employment, issued by the Public Employment Service of the Czech Republic pursuant to the Employment Act,

  6. a parental consent, if needed,

  7. an application fee, if needed.

The required attachments of the application must not be older than 180 days, except for the travel document and the foreign national’s photograph, as long as it corresponds to his/her actual appearance. Before a visa for a stay of over 90 days is granted, the foreign national is also obliged to present a document on travel medical insurance for the period of residence in the country until he/she becomes a participant of the national medical insurance programme.

It will only be possible to issue a special work visa with a maximum period of validity of one year and it will not be possible to renew this visa, even if it is issued for a period of validity shorter than one year. At the moment when the quota of filed applications, defined in the government regulation, is submitted , it will no longer be possible to file an application for this visa because the number of applications set in the government regulation cannot be exceeded.

A stay in the territory of the Czech Republic with a special work visa is not counted towards the 5-year period of uninterrupted stay in the country, required for issuing a permanent residence permit. During a foreign national’s residence based on this visa, the foreign national will not be able to submit any application for any other residence permit.


Department for Asylum and Migration Policy, July 19th, 2022

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