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Positive or negative decision on an application and picking up a residence permit


1. If a positive decision is made on application, the MOI CR/embassy will contact the foreign national for him/her to report in person to pick up a confirmation of permission for residence and a residence permit. In the case of citizens of third countries, the applicant will first be summoned to provide biometric data and subsequently to verify the biometric data and pick up a confirmation of permission for residence and a residence permit.

The applicant may also establish whether a positive decision has been made on his/her application him/herself from the list of approved applications which is regularly updated here. Here he/she will also find instructions for the relevant office on when to contact the office to arrange to pick up the residence permit or to provide biometric data.   
In the case of an application for permanent residence permit for a foreign national born in the Czech Republic (a child) which has been submitted within the stipulated time period, a special version of permanent residence permit will be issued announcing the fact that the child’s residence is considered to have been permanent since the moment of his/her birth.
In the case of a family member of an EU citizen, who is not him/herself an EU citizen, the MOI CR will confirm the fact that this is a family member of an EU citizen by means of a stamp marked to their travel document stating: “Rodinný příslušník občana Evropské unie / Family member of EU citizen”. It will also confirm the validity of the permanent or temporary residence permit in the foreign national’s travel document in the form of a stamp.
If issuance of permit is subject to an administration fee (in the form of a duty stamp), the MOI CR will need a duty stamp from the foreign national at this stage; see Fees for citizens of third countries and Fees for EU citizens and their family members
2. If the application is rejected, the MOI CR will issue a written decision to reject an application which will be sent by registered post exclusively to the applicant at the contact address provided or will be handed over via the embassy. The applicant will have the opportunity to appeal against this decision; see here


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