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Travelling in the EU / Schengen


Travelling with a Departure Order

A Departure Order is a document issued ex officio by:

  1. the Foreign Police, after the annulment or expiry of a short-term visa, after the termination of a temporary residence, in association with issuance of obligation to leave the territory, when a decision that a foreigner must leave the country or a decision setting a time limit for a foreigner to leave the country is taken, or in association with administrative expulsion,

  2. the Ministry of the Interior, after the annulment or expiry of a long-term visa, upon non-recognition status of person without nationality, after a denial of an application for a long-term or permanent residence permit, after a rejection of a long-term or permanent residence permit, if the current visa had expired, after the annulment or expiry of a long-term or permanent residence permit, after the annulment of a temporary residence of an  EU citizen, after expiry of a temporary residence of EU citizen’s family member, or after expiry of provided protection on the territory according to special legal regulation.

A Departure Order does not entitle its holder to temporary residence in the Czech Republic. It permits to stay only for a period necessary for addressing pressing matters and leaving the territory.

The period entitling its holder to remain in the Czech Republic must be a minimum of 30 days. This period is established and marked in the DepartureOrder by the Foreign Police or the Ministry of Interior. Foreigners are obliged to take over the Departure Order within 30 days since emergence of any of conditions mentioned above.

A Departure Order has the form of a passport sticker but may also be issued outside of a travel document.

Foreigners with a visa requirement in the Schengen, who were issued a Departure Order, should take note of the following:

Leaving by plane - It is not possible to transit through other Schengen countries with a DepartureOrder. It is necessary to take a direct flight out of the Schengen. If a holder of a DepartureOrder was to make a transfer in another Schengen country, and he/she is not exempt from a visa requirement, he/she must obtain the respective visa from the embassy of the country in question prior to his/her departure. An attempt to enter or the entry into another Schengen state without a visa/with a DepartureOrder may result in the following:

  • the foreigner may not be allowed to board the plane in the Czech Republic,

  • the foreigner may be detained when arriving in the other Schengen state,

  • the foreigner may be issued administrative expulsion by the Schengen state in question,

  • administrative expulsion by one member state may lead to a denial to enter the entire Schengen area in the future.

Leaving by ground - Given the fact that it is not possible to transit through other Schengen countries with a DepartureOrder, it is possible to take advantage of a special mechanism allowing for a transit by ground through other Schengen countries (i.e. by car, bus, train etc.). If you intend to use this mechanism, turn to the nearest Foreign Police office (not the Ministry of Interior office!) at least 10 days prior to your scheduled departure. Bring your travel document and the original decision, based on which you are to depart the Czech Republic / EU. You should also have an idea of the approximate date and route of your travel.

You may also request to use this mechanism after the end of an appellate procedure, termination of a law-suit or a cassation complaint (in case of international protection proceedings), if you were issued a DepartureOrder and you truly intend to depart from the Czech Republic.

The possibility of transit by ground is not arranged on the spot, and you should expect to make at least one more visit to the relevant Foreign Police office to collect special forms that you will need to carry out your journey.

Prevent the loss the travel forms!

More information may be provided by any Foreign Police office.


Department for Asylum and Migration Policy, June 30th, 2023

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