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Travelling in the EU / Schengen


Children and school trips

Generally, for children (i.e. minors), the basic rule is for them to travel on their own passport and - if they are subject to visa requirements – a visa. The visa can be replaced by a valid residence permit issued by the CR or another Schengen state.

Some states allow children to travel without their own document, under the condition that they travel with a parent in whose passport they are entered. We recommend, however, checking this fact at the embassy of the state you wish to travel to before your journey.

In some EU states, it is not necessary for resident children to have their own travel document and/or visa when travelling on school trips to other EU states and they are entered on a list of pupils issued by the school on a common format form. For children that are citizens of non-EU countries with visa requirements and who have a residence permit in the CR, two situations can arise:

  1. the pupil / student has his/her own travel document with a residence permit. In this case, the list serves as a visa.

  2. the pupil / student does not have his/her own travel document with a residence permit, he/she is entered into a parent’s travel document. In this case, the list of travellers serves as both a visa and a travel document. It must have a photograph of the foreign national.

Procedure before departure: 

  • the school representative or student or his/her legal representative picks up the “List of Travellers” form at the MOI office.

  • the form is filled in and confirmed by the school; foreign nationals without their own documents provide photographs.

  • a foreign national, his/her legal representative or the school representative with power of attorney for this purpose reports to the MOI office with the completed List of Travellers form, where it will be confirmed by the MOI. If the foreign national is over 15, he/she signs the power of attorney, the legal representative signs for a younger foreign national.

If a foreign national does not have his/her own travel document and the residence permit is in the parent’s document, the List of Travellers will also serve as a travel document for these foreign nationals.


Department for Asylum and Migration Policy, June 30th, 2023

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