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Information for schools and students


Obligations of students

Upon arrival, students from non-EU countries are obliged to register after arrival with the Foreign Police, if it has not been done by the accommodation provider. Students from EU countries have the same obligations.

Within 3 working days of entering the Czech Republic, all foreign students arriving to receive a long-term residence permit are obliged to report to the MOI office in person for the purpose of carrying out activities associated with issuing a biometric residence card, where they may also report their arrival.


Students from both non-EU countries and EU countries are obliged to report changes concerning their stay in the Czech Republic, such as a change in address, a change in their travel document or family status.


We recommend that students who apply for a long-term residence permit inside the Czech Republic or its extension and plan to return to their home country during the course of the proceedings, inform the MOI of this fact when filing the application and, if necessary, provide a contact address whilst they are away or inform of a person with a power of attorney, who will represent them whilst they are away.


Students that have been issued a residence card are obliged to return the card before ending their stay in the CR.


Please note that other obligations or rules may apply to foreign students, as they apply to foreigners in general, but may not be listed here. Please follow our website at www.immigrationportal.cz for any other immigration issues that may arise during your stay.

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Department for Asylum and Migration Policy, October 12th, 2023

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