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Information Publications for Foreigners

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In order to facilitate the understanding of the new environment and the integration to the Czech society, it is very important for foreigners to get acquainted  with the life in the Czech Republic, be informed about customs and  rules of coexistence in the Czech Republic, on procedures of legal stay, employment and entrepreneurship. Besides this, the possibility to redirect foreigners directly to organizations that can provide support and assistance is of high importance.

Information provision to foreigners is processed in a three-step system:

  • Pre-departure information:"Next stop - the Czech Republic" information package is available on the website above and also at selected embassies in the countries of origin. The brochure and video provide basic information on conditions of stay in the Czech Republic with a warning on any risks that might be associated with non-complience of obligations of legal stay in the Czech Republic.

  • Adaptation-integration courses:"Welcome to the Czech Republic"  is a one-day course for newly arrived foreigners that helps the foreigners to get familiar with their rights and obligations in the Czech Republic and in the Czech environment in general. Currently, the courses are available with interpreting into English, Arabic, French, Mongolian, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

  • Courses for foreigners with long-term residence or permanent residence: Courses, instructional films (film "How do I do this?" available on website of organization Slovo21) and leaflets explain and facilitate the requests for extension of stay and requests for residence permits in general. The courses provide advices and instructions how to deal with situations in different areas of life that a foreigner living in the Czech Republic can encounter.

More information on integration can be found on the websites of other ministries, on the websites of municipalities and non-governmental organizations, for example at http://www.imigracniportal.cz/index.php?Lang_set=1, http://cizinci.cz/en/, http://cestina-pro-cizince.cz/?hl=en_US.

On the websites of the Czech Statistical Office can be found up-to-date information and statistical data on foreigners living in the Czech Republic. Publications are available on the CSO websites in the section Foreigners in the Czech Republic.


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