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Voluntary Returns performed by the Department of Asylum and Migration Policy

Basic Conditions for leaving the country under the voluntary returns programme 

Who can take part in the voluntary returns programme?

Those who can apply for voluntary return include mainly foreign nationals who hold an administrative removal order or an order to leave the territory and the territory of EU member states if a deadline for departure has been set, and foreign nationals detained for the purpose of administrative removal.

Foreign nationals who are staying in the Czech Republic for instance for employment or study whose stay has been cancelled or not extended by the Czech authorities may also apply. In addition, EU citizens whose temporary stay has been cancelled and family members of an EU citizen whose temporary stay has been cancelled may also apply. The condition is that the foreign national in question is staying in the Czech Republic on an exit order, is serving a prison sentence or has been sentenced to deportation.

For voluntary return to be performed, the foreign national must hold a valid travel document. If the foreign national does not have a valid travel document, the Ministry of the Interior may provide assistance in the issuance of a new document (laisser-passer).

Assistance during voluntary return

The Ministry of the Interior will arrange transportation for the foreign national from the Czech Republic to his/her country of origin. If necessary, it will also provide assistance with obtaining transit visas. Ministry of the Interior staff at the airport in Prague will assist foreign nationals with check-in and passport control.

Advantages of voluntary return

  1. Speed - if the foreign national holds a valid travel document, voluntary return may be performed immediately after all matters concerning his/her stay are complete or after an administrative removal order has been issued, and then the Ministry of the Interior will try to arrange the fastest possible connection to the country of origin.

  2. Financial assistance - the Ministry of the Interior will buy the ticket for returning to the country of origin, which means that the foreign national may depart from the Czech Republic even if he/she does not have enough money to buy it himself/herself. Of course, the foreign national may travel only with the amount of luggage that is included in the price of the ticket. In rare cases, the Ministry may also provide financial assistance to cover other expenses connected with return.

  3. Dignified return - under voluntary return foreign nationals do not travel to their country of origin escorted by the Police of the Czech Republic or any other Czech authorities staff, but as an ordinary tourist.

  4. Possibility of shortening the length of the ban on stay imposed on the foreign national - if the foreign national applies for this after his/her return. The foreign national may make this application on condition that he/she pays half of the costs of his/her journey after returning to his country of origin and also that the foreign national in question has no other debts in the Czech Republic.

  5. Post-return reintegration assistance - in reasoned cases, assistance in reintegrating into the country of origin may be provided to the foreign national through the MI CR or the International Organization for Migration.

After applying for voluntary return, the foreign national is required to cooperate with the MI CR staff arranging his/her departure. You must inform them of any changes that occur which could affect departure (health, family, employment matters etc.).

Contact details

For more information about the voluntary returns programme or to apply for voluntary return, please contact the Ministry of the Interior by sending an e-mail to navraty@mvcr.cz, tel.: +420 704 844 574 (Monday to Friday,  9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.) or come to our specialised offices Prague, Plzeň or Brno at the following addresses:

  • Prague
    Nad Štolou 936/3
    170 34 Praha 7
    Tel.: 974 832 384

  • Plzeň
    Jagellonská 1017/9
    301 00 Plzeň 3 - Jižní Předměstí
    Tel.: 974 320 818

  • Brno
    Tuřanka 115b
    627 00 Brno - Slatina
    Tel.: 974 629 399


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