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Overview of the Ministry of the Interior (Department for Asylum and Migration Policy) offices on the territory of the Czech Republic, including telephone numbers and opening hours.

BIO - offices collecting biometric data

Contact the Ministry of the Interior offices when you wish to:

  • apply for an extension of the permitted period of stay on a long-term visa
  • apply for a long-term residence permit or its extension
  • apply for a permanent residence permit
  • apply for a certificate of temporary residence (EU citizens)
  • apply for a  temporary residence permit for a family member of an EU citizen or an extension of a residence card
  • report a change in your place of residence in the Czech Republic or other changes related to your residence
  • apply for a confirmation of residence



MoI Offices
Change of opening hours of OAMP MV offices for holidays - Christmas 2022. More information is available on the contact details of the individual office.
14/11/2022 Chomutov From November 14th, 2022 until further notice, the office in Chomutov will be restricted for capacity reasons. Only booked clients will be checked in. Unsolicited clients will be accommodated only in urgent cases that cannot be delayed.
27/09/2022 Ústí nad Labem From September 27th, 2022 until further notice, the operation of the office in Ústí nad Labem will be limited for capacity reasons. Only clients with an appointment and unordered clients whose urgent actions cannot be delayed will be checked in.


Dear Clients,
We would like to inform you about the opening hours change at the Ministry of Interior offices, Department of Asylum and Migration Policy, from December 27th, 2021 to December 30th, 2022. In case of visiting a specific office of the residence of foreigners, we recommend checking the opening hours in the contacts section.
Thank you for your understanding.



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