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Employee Card


Quotas for acceptance of applications for staff cards at embassies & Programmes approved by the government to achieve economic benefits for the country

Quota numbers are being introduced for applications for staff cards at selected embassies of the Czech Republic from September 1st, 2019. Their amount is set by Government Decree No. 321/2021 which amends Government Decree No. 220/2019 on the maximum number of applications for a visa for a stay of more than 90 days for business purposes, applications for a long-term residence permit for investment purposes, and applications for an employee card that can be submitted at the embassy. Information on the actual use of specific quotas is published directly on the websites of the respective embassies.

Within these quotas, the maximum number of applications that may be submitted by participants in the Programmes approved by the Government for the purpose of achieving economic benefit for the Czech Republic is set:

The programmes provide participants with various benefits that other employee card applicants do not have:

Guaranteed possibility
to apply at the embassy
Yes Yes Yes
Applying together
with immediate
family members
Yes No Yes
Processing of the application
within 30 days
No No Yes
Written confirmation replacing:
- proof of accommodation Yes No Yes
- employment contract Yes No Yes
- proof of professional competence No No Yes
Possibility of change of Employer After 6 months After 6 months No restrictions
Possibility to apply
in the Czech Republic
No No No

In addition to these Programmes, there is an option for workers in the agriculture, food and forestry sector from Ukraine to take advantage of the Extraordinary Work Visa Programme. Both the applicant for this visa and their employer must be participants in a government-approved migration program under the Ministry of Agriculture.


Department for Asylum and Migration Policy, January 26th, 2024

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