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Employee Card


Cancellation and cessation of an Employee Card

The reasons for cancelling an employee card are also stated here.

The MoI CR will make a decision to cancel an employee card, if:

  1. its holder has been convicted of perpetration of an intentional crime,

  2. the employee card does not serve the purpose for which it was issued,

  3. its holder applies for cancellation of his or her employee card,

  4. the foreign national’s professional qualifications were not recognised by the relevant recognition authority,

also if:

  1. the foreign national provided untrue information in the application for the employee card or submitted forged or altered documents attached to the application or submitted documents containing information important for examination of the application which is untrue,

  2. the foreign national ceased to comply with any of the conditions for issue of an employee card,

  3. during a residence check, the Police establishes that the foreign national does not have a valid travel document or the foreign national presents a forged or altered travel document and

    • the foreign national fails to present a certificate confirming that he or she applied for a new travel document within a deadline set by the Police, or

    • although there the foreign national requires a new foreign passport or travel identity card, he/she has failed to apply for such a travel document,

  4. the foreign national’s travel document has been declared invalid or stolen by the authority of the country that issued the travel document, and the foreign national has failed to present the certificate referred to in clause c),

  5. the foreign national failed to meet the obligation to file an application for a long-term residence permit on behalf of a foreign national born in the territory of the CR within a deadline of 60 days from the day of his or her birth,

  6. some other state of the European Union or signatory state applying a joint procedure in the matter of expulsion decided to expel the foreign national from its territory because the foreign national was sentenced to a prison sentence of at least 1 year or because it had reasonable suspicion that the foreign national has perpetrated a serious crime or is preparing such a crime in the territory of one of the states of the European Union or in one of the signatory states applying a joint procedure in the matter of expulsion, and also as a result of violation by the foreign national of the legal regulations governing the entry and stay of foreign national in its territory , or

  7. during a residence check, the foreign national has failed to present a.travel medical insurance document, which would meet the applicable conditions, and has failed to so even within a deadline set by the Police;

provided that the consequences of this decision are adequate to the reason for cancelling the employee card. When considering such adequacy, the Ministry will take into account particularly the impact of this decision on the foreign national’s private and family life.

In a decision to cancel an employee card, the Ministry will set a deadline for leaving the territory of the CR and will issue a departure order to the foreign national; the foreign national is obliged to leave the territory of the CR within the set deadline.

Cessation of the validity of the employee card

If you are holder of an employee card issued under the provision of § 42g par. 2 or par. 3 of the Act on Residence of Foreign Nationals to whom labour-law relationship ended or to whom consent was granted to this work, foreign national can find new work in term of 60 days after end of this labour-law relationship and this fact must be notified to the Ministry of the Interior by foreign national. If this condition is not fulfilled up to 60 days, validity of an employee card will be terminated. Keep in mind that all legal conditions for change of employment or employer must be fulfilled.

Similarly, if the holder of the employee card applies for its prolongation, and during the proceeding labor-law relationship ends (so called "fiction"), employee card terminates after 60 days from the end of employment. This does not apply, if legal conditions are fulfilled and if you notify change of employer or change of employment in 60 days from the end of your employment.

In case of the cessation of the employee card or its "fiction", the foreign national is obliged to leave the territory of the Czech Republic. For that purpose MoI will issue the foreign national departure order.


Department for Asylum and Migration Policy, January 26th, 2024

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