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Suggestions and guidelines for the elderly



It is normal to be afraid; fear that makes you follow doctor’s instructions – like not going out and self-isolate – is a protective kind of fear:


In these days you might feel isolated or abandoned, feel loneliness, anxiety, irritability or confusion, and you might have thoughts that keep coming back. These reactions are the way your mind is reacting to stress. We would like to explain to you that staying at home has been asked to you as a way for helping yourself and the others. Following the instructions precisely allows you to help friends, relatives and also first responders, who are working for the people that need assistance the most.

  • Information is important. It is better to check only institutional sources like the World Health Organisation.
  • Follow the hygiene practices indicated by your country’s institutions and health system.
  • You might feel:
    • Isolated or abandoned
    • Loneliness
    • Irritability
    • Confusion
    • Anxiety
    • Thoughts that keep coming back

These are all normal reactions to a stressful situation like the one we are living with the Coronavirus threat.

  • Turn off the TV, the radio and the internet. Choose only one or two moments a day, away from the sleeping hours, to check the news.
  • Keep your routine as much as possible. Keeping busy will diminish tension. For instance, keep on preparing traditional dishes if you like cooking; knit, read a book, clean the house or wash your car.
  • Physical activity. Some simple exercise can help you relax and fall asleep.
  • Eat as regularly as possible.
  • Talk and spend time with family and friends. You can communicate in different ways! Ask how to make a video call or how to use WhatsApp to people who know how to do that.
  • Talk to someone you trust about your concerns, problems and feelings. Choose people with whom you can have a positive exchange. Positive emotions help.
  • Have conversation with others. Tell your grandchildren about your childhood, how you used to spend time without tablets, videogames and the internet.

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