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Migration Policy of the Czech Republic, Legal and Illegal Migration in the Czech Republic and in the European Union, Visa and Readmission Policy, Analytical Centre for Protection of State Borders and Migration 

Readmission Policy

Although the Czech Republic, just as the other European Community states, prefers voluntary return for all persons who are illegally present in its territory, it is necessary to ensure mechanisms making it possible to remove such a person from its territory in cases where the person refuses voluntary return. Readmission agreements are the mechanism for carrying out returns of persons who refuse to take advantage of the opportunity for a voluntary return.

The main purpose of these agreements is to facilitate and accelerate the readmission process as much as possible. Readmission is not only the act of handing over the person, it also involves a number of steps that must precede this act, ranging from identification of the identity and citizenship of the person concerned or proving the entry into the territory of one party to the agreement from the territory of the other party to the agreement and issuance of a travel document, up to the actual hand-over. The conditions, after the fulfilment of which the parties to the agreement are required to accept the persons concerned, are defined by the readmission agreements.

At present, the Czech Republic is a party to readmission agreements with a total of 14 countries worldwide. These countries include the neighbouring countries of Germany, Poland, Austria and Slovakia as well as Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Moldavia, Canada and Vietnam. The readmission agreement with France was signed but it has not yet become effective due to the non-existence of the implementing protocol. The readmission agreement with Switzerland was signed on 17 September 2009, (it will come into force after ratification on both sides; for the Czech Republic it means after hearing in the Parliament and subsequent signature by the President of the Czech Republic).

With some countries of origin, the Czech Republic is engaged in bilateral negotiations, with the texts of the agreements in different stages of execution. This specifically concerns readmission agreements with Armenia and Egypt. Currently activities to conclude the implementary protocol with France, or update to the agreement with France and adjustment to new conditions, were renewed.

Negotiations with other countries have taken place or are taking place at the level of the European Community. At present, readmission agreements with Albania, Hong Kong, Macao, Sri Lanka and Russia are in effect. On 1 January 2008, another 6 readmission agreements became effective; specifically the agreements with Ukraine, Moldavia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia are in effect. The agreement with Pakistan was signed. The readmission agreements with Turkey, Morocco, Algeria and China remain under negotiation. At the end of 2008 the Commission was granted mandate to negotiate the readmission agreement with Georgia. During 2009 the Commission was authorised to negotiate the readmission agreement with Cape Verde.

Last Updated: 8 October 2009

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