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Společnost SYNYO GmbH, Rakousko hledá potencionální partnery pro projekty v rámci H2020


SYNYO GmbH, a global-acting enterprise focusing on research, innovation and technology located in Vienna, Austria, are currently reaching out to partner in inspired proposals under Secure Societies 2019 topics of Horizon 2020.


We are currently coordinating two H2020 security projects TAKEDOWN (organised crime and terrorist networks RIA) and curricula for CPPB personnel CSA) while partnering in PROTECTIVE (proactive risk management IA), Bonseyes (AI platform RIA) and many more.

Feel free to access our SU Programme Expertise so you can gain access to detailed information about our projects and activities.

  • Radicalisation and Terrorism Research

As part of the projects in the safety and security domain, SYNYO is implementing and coordinating research in the field or violent radicalisation and terrorism. The research aims at providing new insights and strategies for first-line-practitioners and law enforcement agencies ´for countering radicalisation and terrorism. Furthermore, SYNYO is also working on organized crime related research.

  • Security Service Platforms

The team at SYNYO specializes in the design and implementation of user-friendly platforms for diverse user groups involved in prevention, protection and responding to crime and terrorism. The platforms include expert navigators, decision support tools, incidents mappings and social media analysis instruments as well as unique visualizations of data and services for different users, including law enforcement agencies

  • Interdisciplinary Research and Tech-based Analyses

SYNYO is involved in research tasks like stakeholder studies, structured surveys, best practice studies, requirement analyses or sociotechnical evaluations throughout various projects and has proficiencies in qualitative and qualitative research methods. SYNYO hosts its own research tools to generate structured online questionnaires to run complex surveys for research projects.

  • Dissemination Planning & Execution

SYNYO offers the setup of websites, the creation of newsletters, factsheets, policy briefs, or user manuals. Additionally, the setup and maintenance of social media appearances are crucial for a successful knowledge transfer within your initiative. These activities aim at an implementation according to the strategy defined in your project.

  • Strong Networking Partner

The presence of SYNYO in several national and international projects as project coordinator or project partner illustrates clearly our well-established connections. Provided our successful involvement SYNYO can bring in your strong consortium relevant authorities on Security matters such as the Austrian Ministry of Interior, the Austrian Ministry of Defence or Austrian Cyber Crime Competence Center C4 and various EU-wide Law Enforcement Agencies.


SYNYO is a reliable partner for your project with profound experience in H2020. As a SME located in Austria, we are focusing on research, innovation and technology. We explore, develop and implement new methods and solutions with a particular focus on tackling the core challenges of our time.

SYNYO supports you to create excellent outcomes in upcoming research and innovation projects by using state-of-the-art approaches, modern technologies and efficient software frameworks. The interdisciplinary team of SYNYO consists of social scientists, engineers, developers and creatives, who are experienced in delivering high-impact results for all phases of RIA, IA and CSA projects. We hold a proven track record on management capabilities as coordinator of 25+ research and innovation projects under FP7 and H2020 while building access to a vast network of technology providers, industry leaders, academic institutions, practitioners and city networks.

If you are building a consortium for a new research proposal and have any ideas or questions on how SYNYO can contribute, do not hesitate to contact us.


Research & Partner Management
Phone: +43 1 99 620 11 8
Mobile: +43 699 18 940 008
Skype: adela.marcoci_synyo

Research // Development // Advisory
Vienna, Austria,

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