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Predefined projects

NF-NG_-_ikona_PDP1.jpgPDP 1 "Enhanced Police competence in preventing and combating crime, strengthening communication skills with public and awareness of human rights" includes development and delivery of the comprehensive new training programmes, which will be incorporated into training and education system of the Police and public administration staff. The PDP 1 also includes an international cooperation of police units.



NF-NG_-_ikona_PDP2.jpgPDP 2 "Modernisation of Police Training Centre" will result in a new functional training facility for trainings, exercises, workshops, courses and networking meetings at various levels in Kutná Hora.




NF-NG_-_ikona_PDP3.jpgPDP 3 "Improved utility of data within police information system" addresses improved international police cooperation by effectively using of the Schengen Information System (SIS II) and creation of record keeping software for an anonymous crisis helpline.




NF-NG_-_ikona_PDP4.jpgPDP 4 "Cooperation between national Police, international entities and territorial self-government" International activities will contribute to strengthening the exchange of information and police education in current trends and threats, will help to increase capacity of the Czech Police to react adequately to the needs of global international police cooperation and strengthen the dialogue between the Police and territorial self-governments. The PDP 4 includes also activities of the Czech Anti-conflict Team, workshops for police psychologists and crisis intervention trainers.


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