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Enhanced Police competence in preventing and combating crime, strengthening communication skills with public and awareness of human rights


Project facts:
Project promoter: Police Presidium of the Czech Republic
Project partner from donor state: DELTA - The Emergency Response Unit of the Norwegian Police Service
Title of the Programme: Home Affairs
Number of the project: NF-MV-PDP-001-2020
Target group: Czech Police
Project duration: 1. 7. 2020 - 30. 4. 2024
Total eligible expenditures: 32 014 077 CZK


The project will enhance the current educational and training system of the Czech Police by expanding it by three new training programmes related to area of human rights, crime prevention and improved effectiveness of the police system. The project will support the strengthening and improving capabilities and skills of the Police and relevant public administration staff dealing with constantly changing security situation, growing aggressiveness, national and international crime. The project will take into account the previous cooperation between the Czech Republic and the Norwegian Radiation Authority on issues connected to CBRN.

The project will include, inter alia, the following main activities:

  • Training of police and public administration staff, judges, environmental inspectorate staff, territorial self-government entities, and representatives of NGOs and academia,

  • Training activities focused on ability to eliminate potential risks of organized crime, mainly for RRU members,

  • Training of trainers in following programmes: human rights, preventing and combating national and international crime, improving effectiveness of the police system and its performance,

  • Networking meetings between the Police, NGOs, academia, municipalities, vulnerable victims, staff for social and legal protection of children, prosecutors,

  • Common exercises and exchange of experience between the Rapid Response Unit and DELTA (Norwegian Partner) related to hostage situations and on the CBRN area.


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