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Cooperation between national Police, international entities and territorial self-government


Project facts:
Project promoter: Police Presidium of the Czech Republic
Project partner from donor state: Oslo Police District,
Crime Prevention Department,
Public Order Intelligence
Title of the Programme: Home Affairs
Number of the project: NF-MV-PDP-004-2020
Target group: Czech Police, representatives of public institutions at the national and regional level
Project duration: 1. 7. 2020 - 29. 2. 2024
Total eligible expenditures: 10 096 317 CZK


The project will contribute to the reinforcement of information exchange and police training. Furthermore, the project will strengthen the capacity of the Czech Police to react adequately to the needs of global international police cooperation and the project will strengthen the dialogue between Police and territorial self-governments.

The project will include, inter alia, the following main activities: 

  • Workshops and practical course for police psychologists and crises intervention specialist, Police education/training conference, workshops with foreign police professionals

  • Trainings and equipment for Anti-conflict team, including bilateral activities such as study visits and workshops with Norwegian Partner

  • International annual conference of the Association of European Police Colleges (AEPC)

  • Creating a new model of cooperation and coordination between municipal and national Police, including evaluation of existing cooperation formulating recommendations on improvement of coordination agreements (catalogue of preventing measures), sharing of data system, exchanging information and good practice between police (municipal, district, regional) and territorial self-government on various levels.


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