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A new open call from the Ministry of the Interior will support an increase in media literacy of the general public

The Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic as the Programme Operator, announces on 13 April 2021 an open call under the Small Grant Scheme (referred to as SGS) for the submission of grant applications for the individual projects supported by the Norway Grants 2014-2021. 

The aim of the open call is to directly improve the media literacy of the general public. The projects will focus on the implementation of media-based and other forms of educational activities and the creation of educational and publication materials for the dissemination of media education and awareness among children and youth (up to 17 years of age) and/or seniors (above 65 years of age), who represents the most vulnerable groups in terms of hybrid threats.

The call will support projects to strengthen media literacy as one of the effective tools against the influence of foreign power, especially the impact of disinformation campaigns, combating hate crime and hybrid threats.

Call allocation: 10,400,000 CZK.

Deadline for the submission of grant applications: 1 July 2021 (12.00 p.m.).

Call name: Fostering media literacy of the general public

To prepare the grant application, applicants can use the Guideline for Applicants, including annexes and  checklist, which allows them to verify the eligibility of their intention and the readiness of their application to be submitted in the CEDR information system.

All important information about the focus of the call, eligibility of applicants and partners, eligible activities, eligible expenditure and the method of evaluation of applications is provided in the text of the call, which is complete with the Guideline for Applicants for download at

Seminar for Applicants

The information seminar for applicants for the announced call "Fostering media literacy of the general public" will take place at the end of May 2021 in online format.

The seminar will present in detail the call and all conditions for submitting an application. More information about the seminar, including the login address for remote communication, will be continuously updated on the website


Access to the IS CEDR is possible via the "CEDR" banner on the page, where you can also download instructions for access and registration of the applicant.


All queries regarding the call (e.g. submission of the grant application, call conditions, evaluation methods and award of funds) can only be sent by email to

The most frequently asked questions and answers will be gradually published in the section Questions and answers.


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