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Collecting biometric data – third country nationals


If a positive decision is made on the application, the MOI CR/embassy will contact the foreign national to provide biometric data and subsequently to verify the biometric data and pick up a confirmation of permission for residence and a residence permit. The party to the proceedings may also find out him/herself whether a positive decision has been made from the list of approved applications which is regularly updated here. He/she may also find instructions applicable to the relevant office, as well as information on when to contact the office for providing biometric data.   
The foreign national should subsequently report to the office at agreed date and time to provide biometric data.     
For applications submitted at Czech embassies abroad, the foreign national must report in person to an MOI CR office with a valid travel document for recording data (including biometric) for the purposes of issuing the residence permit within 3 working days from the date of entry into the territory of the Czech Republic. The exact address of the office responsible for issuing the residence permit will be provided at the embassy when a visa for longer than 90 days to allow for picking up permission for residence DV/R visa has been granted. An appointment with the office can be made by telephone while the applicant is still abroad. The telephone number for making an appointment with the specific office responsible for issuing the residence permit will also be provided when the D/VR visa has been granted. If the foreign national does not make a telephone appointment, he/she will have to wait to be processed at the office in order of arrival at the office; if it is impossible for the office to capture the biometric data on that day due to numbers of people at the office, the foreign national will have to make an appointment on the spot for the nearest possible date thereafter.     
After he/she has provided biometric data, the foreign national will be obliged to report to the MOI CR office by the stipulated deadline*, at latest within 60 days of providing biometric data, to pick up the residence permit and for verification of the data provided. The foreign national will be summoned to perform this act too.
* It is important to leave a telephone number and/or an e-mail address, on submitting the application or afterwards on providing biometric data, where the MOI CR office can contact the foreign national and agree on a date and time for capture of biometric data (only for applications submitted in the territory of the Czech Republic), and the date for picking up the residence permit. If the foreign national does not leave contact details or it proves impossible to contact him/her, he/she will be summoned in writing to provide biometric data (only for applications submitted in the territory of the Czech Republic) or to pick up the residence permit.           
If, during D/VR visa procedure, the foreign national fails to arrive in the Czech Republic without good reason, and/or fails to report to an MOI CR office for providing biometric data or fails to pick up his/her residence permit, proceedings on this application will be discontinued. If the foreign national has submitted an application from in the territory of the Czech Republic and, after receipt of a decision on permanent residence permit or a decision on extension of a permanent residence permit, fails to report to provide biometric data or to pick up his/her new/extended permit, a fine of up to CZK 10 000 will be imposed on him/her.           
As for applications submitted at a Czech embassy abroad, we recommend that foreign nationals who do not require a visa for a stay of up to 90 days do not arrive in the Czech Republic before they are informed by the embassy that they have been granted permission for residence. Otherwise they will not know which office of the MOI CR to contact or the exact date from which his/her residence is permitted, and can therefore get into difficulties.  
The fee for issuing a residence permit will be collected in the form of a duty stamp on picking up the permit.
More on biometrics here.  

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