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Acquaintance with background materials for issuing a decision


In accordance with Section 36(3) of the Administrative Procedure Code, the applicant must be given the opportunity to express him/herself to the grounds for a decision in rem before its issuance.
This does not apply to an applicant whose application is admitted to the full extent and also if the proceedings do not end with a decision on the case but with issuance of a resolution on discontinuance of the proceedings or on the case being deferred   
The MOI CR will inform the applicant in writing of his/her right to make a statement before a decision is issued after the background materials for a decision are complete, and at the same time, the applicant will be given a reasonable period of time to exercise this right (not an obligation).  
If the applicant reports to an MOI office, he/she will be allowed to acquaint him/herself with the background materials for the decision by viewing the file and to make a statement concerning their content. 

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